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Does anyone really ever have enough space in their kitchen?

When I think my kitchen is too small, I think about the show House Hunters International where someone buys a small flat in Paris and the kitchen is about the size of my bathroom. How do the French whip up their famous creations in such a small space?

The kitchen space problem can be broken down into 2 parts.  The first is having a small kitchen with not much counter space to work on. Second would be a lack of organization & storage regardless of the size of your kitchen.

I think the answer to these both problems is efficiency & storage–efficient use of your existing kitchen space and tools, and a place to keep everything. Just look online for small kitchens and you’ll see clean counter tops with minimal or no appliances left out, open shelving with neatly stacked dishes, & light and bright decor. Think of those IKEA ads.

If you have a coffee maker, electric can opener, knife block, toaster, toaster oven, microwave, jars & bottles or whatever on your counters, think about if you really need all of them. If you do, can you move them, rearrange them, put something up on a shelf, or store them somewhere else until needed? My coffee maker is in my pantry because I use it mainly for holidays. My husband loves to have a toaster oven so that takes up a lot of space on my counter.  A few years ago, we updated our appliances and got an over-the-stove microwave–freeing up counter space. But now I keep my Kitchenaid mixer there instead of in my laundry room on the dryer! At least it’s in a more convenient space and I don’t have to drag that heavy thing around when I need it.

Another key to more space is neatness. You can’t have a giant mess of dirty dishes, pots & pans or other clutter in a small or large kitchen. Who wants to prep, cook or bake when there’s no space and you have to clean up before you make another mess? I know that happens to me and I hate it!  Nothing worse than trying to chop veggies for dinner and finding all my knives are in the dishpan.. Guilty!

I think a lot of this comes down to mindset & attitude. You need to remain calm and deal with what you have.  I find that if I’m ready to prepare dinner, and my dishes/utensils are clean and ready to use, and there’s no clutter on my peninsula, I feel better. I’ll lay everything out that I need and get going.

Take the time and think about what bothers you most about your kitchen and how you can solve it. What would make your life easier in the kitchen? How could you make your spices easier to find & use? Are your knives in a wooden block near your prep space or are they hidden away unprotected in a drawer? Are your cleaning supplies neatly in one place under your sink or are they just thrown in randomly?

If you have a small kitchen, then accept that fact and find a way to work with it. If you have a large kitchen, but find yourself going back & forth across your kitchen to get things, maybe you need to rearrange what’s in your cabinets.

For storage issues, there are so many products available to tackle this problem. Ranging from the dollar store to a larger department store, you’ll find all kinds of kitchen space saving ideas such as drawer & cabinet organizers, stacking trays & baskets, hanging baskets, large utensil holders, etc. Take a good look at your kitchen and decide what you need. Yes, it’s a boring, unexciting thing to do, but you only do it once!

I found this on Amazon. My sink cabinet is a total disaster and this shelving unit will help me find what I use on a regular basis and keep other items in the back. I can also store more having a shelf.

Remember, small or large kitchen, get rid of unnecessary items & clutter, and then organize your kitchen space the best you can. You’ll feel better next time you cook!

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