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Are You Ready To Make Your Kitchen Work For You?

Have you been dreaming about making changes in your kitchen, but feel so overwhelmed?

Most people cannot gut their kitchen and start from scratch, but simple changes like these may help you feel like you want to cook or bake in the one you have:

  • Upgrading to quality, functional utensils & gadgets
  • Adding new & colorful items such as dishcloths, potholders, aprons, etc
  • Recipe organization-binders, boxes, cards
  • Recipe makeovers-using substitutes or exchanging unhealthy for healthier choices
  • Better storage using shelving, hooks, jars, hangers, etc
  • Better organization—designating areas for certain tasks

You just need someone to show you the way while having some fun!

Let’s go!

So, ReadySetKitchen to the rescue…

Why Should You Visit ReadySetKitchen on a Regular Basis?

Well, hopefully to see and learn about fun & interesting things:

  • Regular blog posts
  • Tips/tricks/ideas to make life in your kitchen easier
  • Recipes & recipe makeovers
  • Kitchen products for sale
  • Recommended resources for kitchen products
  • Maybe even some product reviews??
  • Fun, quirky non-kitchen related stuff-just because!

Each post will bring a new topic–so make sure to come back often!

Make ReadySetKitchen your new home (or kitchen) base!

Who’s Behind the ReadySetKitchen curtain?

Hi, this is Christine, creator of

Who am I?

I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, artist, and more. I’ve also had so many different jobs in my life!  I’ve been married to my husband for over 30 years and I have 2 grown sons. So I’ve cooked a lot of meals! Even when I was single and living in apartments, I cooked. Way back then, no one really ate out a lot..

I also know how to cook cheaply. I would search all the frugal sites for shopping & grocery tips to save $$. I was proud of the fact that I could feed my family cheaper than most people. But eating cheap can also have a price.

After a medical issue years ago, I turned my focus to healthy eating. I looked at macrobiotics, vegetarianism (& its various isms), organic eating, etc. With some major changes to my diet at the time, I believe I healed myself.  Since then, my family & I slowly made some lifelong changes to our diet. My husband & I continue on that journey with healthy eating, organic food when possible, giving up certain items, trying meatless dishes, etc. We’re not 100%, but, hey, no one’s perfect!

Back to the kitchen…I like to cook, but I like to bake even more!  Must be my sweet tooth! Whenever there’s a party, people know I’m the dessert lady. Don’t ask me to bring an appetizer or side dish—I’m not your gal. Cookies & brownies are my favs, but I’ve made fancy layer cakes and a few pies. Sorry, I don’t make my own crust—this is when I do go and buy one or two as needed.

I’ve tweaked recipes to make them more healthy, substituted or adjusted ingredients–drives my husband crazy. He needs to follow a recipe exactly and can’t figure out how & why I change things.

I’ve had small kitchens and currently have a medium size kitchen, so I’ve had to be organized. When it comes to utensils & gadgets, we have been on the receiving end of some quality knives and pans. When you use quality items, you’ll come to really appreciate them, and never want buy the cheap junk again.

I hope you feel that my experiences can help you with your kitchen needs. Whether it’s about food, cooking, organization, or tools of the trade, I’ll get you going down the right path!

Fun Facts

Things you may or may not want to know about Christine:

  1. I currently sell on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy & Poshmark. I’ve started many websites over the years using GoDaddy & Shopify.
  2. I “retired” from my last full-time job, but will probably never stop working. I like to stay busy.
  3. I dream of going through all my recipes I’ve collected and trying each one (especially desserts).
  4. I love to garden—perennials & veggies are my favorites. Perennials are planted once and you get to look at them for years, and it’s fun to eat vegetables you’ve grown in your own garden.
  5. I like artsy, crafty endeavors like pottery, acrylic painting, crocheting, & sewing. Everyday, I use at least one of my many bowls I made.
  6. My husband & I like to travel and we look forward to going more places in the future–USA & internationally.
  7. I dream of living in a log home on wooded acreage some day—with a big eat-in kitchen!