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Almost 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about having a prepper panty. I outlined the basic foods you should have in your house for everyday use and for emergencies.

Well, given the current world circumstances,  I want to revisit that topic, but from a different angle.

We’ve all heard about supply chain shortages, empty grocery store shelves, inflation, etc. Now there’s rumors of bank runs, cash shortages, higher gas prices, etc.

So, back to your own kitchen and home, do you have enough? Do you even do your own grocery shopping or have you chosen to have everything delivered, thanks to Covid?

Have you even considered “What if…?” or are you telling yourself everything is getting back to normal?

What if…

  • Delivery drivers quit or the delivery fees becomes unmanageable due to rising gas prices?
  • Stores limit what you buy due to shortages?
  • Stores close up because of lack of inventory or even staff?
  • Gas prices surge and you’re forced to decide if you want to drive somewhere or eat?
  • Your debit card doesn’t work and the ATM is out of cash?

While the worst of Covid may be over, new threats surround us. One way to overcome the everyday anxiety & stress of the news is to have peace of mind when it comes to taking care of and feeding your family.

You need to be prepared for emergencies, at home & in the kitchen. Have a well stocked pantry and extra cash to tide you over in emergencies.

Next time you grocery shop, pick up a few more cans or bags of something you like and  eat all the time. It doesn’t cost much to buy a little more. Find places in your house where you can store extras, whether it’s in your pantry, cabinets, under your bed, in a spare closet, basement, garage or even in the freezer.

Take out extra cash if you pay by debit card or go to your bank and take out some cash. Make sure to put it in a safe place at home. Fill up your gas tank and limit driving.

Learn to cook, read cookbooks from the Great Depression or WW2 to see how housewives made it through tough times with the bare necessities. If you have kids, make it a family project. You’ll also be teaching your kids much needed household skills they’ll need, whether they are girls or boys.

Start a garden when the time is right. Grow what you’ll eat or can share with neighbors. Freeze, can or share what you can. Check off another skill you have.

I’m really not an alarmist, but I do like to be prepared for whatever may come. Don’t be unprepared and then wonder who will help you because you failed to do what was needed. There may be no one left, so start by helping yourself.

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