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Chenille towels in the kitchen?

You don’t usually think of them for kitchen use…maybe bath, pets, car wash or clean-up use. Well, I have to tell you that since I started selling them on this site, I finally tried one myself. (Yes, I’m a little late to the game as I don’t like selling things I haven’t used or that come highly recommended to me.)

So, I took the Limealicious Janey Lynn’s Shaggie 100% Cotton Chenille towel out of the bag, washed it and hung it up on my stove in the kitchen. (That’s my actual stove & towel in the picture.) I love the lime green color because it goes with my eggplant & beige kitchen walls.

At first glance, my new chenille kitchen towel looked like a small rug.  One side has the thick, fluffy chenille and the back side is just flat with no real texture. It’s also bigger than most kitchen towels–28″ x 19″.

The most important question is does it work? Yes, it’s very absorbent & sturdy! Dry your dishes and pots & pans with it, wipe up your table and counters, clean up any messes on the floor! Then just toss it in the wash!

This 100% cotton chenille dish towel can be used for many other purposes. Try using it in the bathroom as a hand towel, suds it up for washing your car, use it as a Swiffer duster refill on your floors, dry off your wet dog…the uses are endless.

The next time you’re looking to replace your old, worn, thin kitchen towels, consider chenille towels. You’ll love the feel of them and you’ll love how great they work.

I have 3 colors for sale on my site here. I do have other colors listed on Amazon and you can see them here by clicking on the color:


Cracked Pepper

King Salmon



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