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Happy 4th of July!

As we celebrate America’s birthday with picnics and fireworks, don’t forget the freedoms we have and the rights of all people in this country.

Way back in high school, I took an American history class during summer school. One of our assignments (which I admit I did not do) was to take a copy of the Constitution around to our family, friends and neighbors and have them read it. Since most people haven’t read it since they were in school, or have never read it, some of the other students reported that people thought it was some new, crazyradical thing.Well, back then it was!

Think about what our founding fathers went through and why they wrote what they did. Remember they came from a country with laws they didn’t like and wanted to build a better life. They had to fight, literally, for what they wanted and they succeeded.

Now today some people believe that the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper written by some old, dead guys and the concepts/rights/principles don’t apply today. I don’t believe that. I think those old, dead guys had a vision beyond our comprehension today and everything still applies.

If you change a constitution or government every time the “times” change, you have no stable, consistent government that will last. Yes maybe some laws can be interpreted to go along with the modern times, but the basic rights & principles need to still be held fast to.

If you haven’t read the Constitution or Bill of Rights lately, do it this weekend. Go to your library or search online to find them.

Maybe you’ll change your mind about some things, maybe your eyes will be opened, or maybe you’ll just say thank you to the founding fathers for what they wrote.

Happy Birthday America!

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