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Aprons for women or men…. love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Aprons have a long history. From protecting your clothes while you cook, bake, skin an animal, work with chemicals, to wiping off the tears of a crying child, or holding a hot pie fresh from the oven, aprons have been around just about forever.

The need for kitchen aprons for women & men will be determined by the task. Protective gear, such as an apron, can be both functional & fun.

There are so many types of aprons with each having its own purpose. They can be worn as part of a uniform, adornment, as ceremonial garb, and can be practical, sentimental or fashionable. Aprons can also be made from many materials—cotton, polyester, denim, leather, canvas, etc. depending on its use.

The home cook or baker usually wears a kitchen apron to protect his or her clothing from food stains or splatters. The apron can also serve as a towel. I’m always wiping my dirty hands on my apron as I cook or bake.

Each apron wearer may prefer a certain style, from handmade, granny style aprons to more contemporary styles. If a beloved mom or grandma always wore a certain half apron with ruffles as she prepared meals, like June Cleaver, you may wear the same style to keep those memories alive.

Others may prefer to wear something trendy or funny. While you’re cooking or grilling for your family or guests, wear an apron that will let them know that you’re the king or queen of the BBQ. Show off your sense of humor with a clever saying on it so you can entertain your guests along with feeding them.

Many kids love to cook or bake also. Develop their love for cooking while wearing a cute apron made just for them. A complete baking set with a child apron, chef hat & cooking tools are available online.

You can find great cooking aprons for women & men of all types online. For a shameless plug as this is my blog, I design and sell aprons on my Shopify store Not Your Granny’s Apron and on my Etsy store. Click on the links to shop!

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