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Candles in the kitchen can serve several purposes, and depending how you use them, can enhance your dining experience or kill it!

If you want the scent of your food to stand out, scentless candles of any kind are the way to go. You don’t want a scented kitchen candle masking your culinary creations!

One of the more traditional type of kitchen candles is the taper. These long, slim candles are usually used in the middle of your table for a more formal or romantic atmosphere, set in holders that may be small or tall. You probably want to use unscented candles for this purpose unless you had a reason for a particular scent, like for a holiday.

Votives are another popular kitchen candle. These can be scented or unscented, and may be best used in a grouping along with matching decor on your table or buffet. Flameless votives are also popular especially with small children or pets around.

Pillar candles are larger, thicker candles, and can be set in their own holder or on a flat surface. Again they come scented, unscented, flameless or regular. I like to use pillar candles that are scented and used alone on a plate with some pebbles or colored glass. These are more of a centerpiece on a table that may or may not be used for a dinner party . Sometimes I just like to burn these to have a nice scent throughout my kitchen & house when I’m not cooking.

If you’re creative, find a way to mix & match candles of different sizes to match your decor or theme. Kitchen candles can create just the right atmosphere you want without spending a lot of money.

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