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What Is A Prepper Pantry And Why Should You Consider Starting One?

Prepper pantries are the backbone of the prepper life. It is essentially just like your normal pantry, but more well thought out and made to last. It is the place where you store all the food you need in the event of a disaster that may keep you from being able to live normally.

These foods would be shelf stable for long periods of time; like dry rice and beans, canned goods, dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, etc. Having all of these types of foods stored up can help you through several different types of emergencies.

Easy Ways to Start Your Pantry

  1. START SMALL Do not try to buy out the whole canned goods aisle at once. Instead, buy a few extra cans of what you would normally buy. Grab a few gallons of water to store. Just getting a few extra things every time, you shop can really add up. Just make sure you have enough space to store the extras you get.
  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT SPACE A prepper pantry should be in a cool, dry area. Avoid garages and attics, since these places can get really humid and hot as temperatures fluctuate outside. You should also choose a place that has plenty of room for shelving, and is safe from vermin or pests that can destroy your stock.
  • EXPERIMENT Try out some easy recipes with shelf stable foods you have not tried yet. If you find yourself in a position to need your prepper pantry, you will be glad to have a bit of variety in your diet. Try new things and add extras to your pantry as you discover things you and your family enjoy.
  • REMEMBER THE BASICS Water, rice, pasta, beans, peanut butter, canned fruits and veggies, vitamins, and supplements can seem like no-brainers. However, sometimes the most basic supplies can be forgotten because they are so obvious. You will want to be sure you have plenty of foods with lots of protein and nutritional value. Empty calories have no place in a prepper pantry.

Hope this gives you a great start on how to start your preppers pantry. In future posts, I’ll give you more info about what kinds of food to keep and how to store it!

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