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Raspberry plants galore!

Wow, last year I thought I had too many raspberry plants so in the fall, I cut them all down to just a few inches above ground. If some didn’t survive the winter, I didn’t care.

To my surprise, they all survived and have grown even bigger than last year! Along with the existing plants, which are about 3 or 4 years old, I also have the “baby” raspberry plants. If you didn’t know, raspberry plants spread quickly and for every berry that falls off the plant, you’ll probably see a new stem growing. They also fall into the grass and each spring I have to dig up 20-30 baby raspberry seedlings.

So I have been picking red raspberries almost every day since they started to ripen. I’ve eaten a few on cereal in the morning, but most of them have gone into the freezer. I wanted to save enough to make raspberry jam.

This past Sunday was homemade raspberry jam time! After getting out my 20 quart canning pot, sterilizing my jars, lids & rims, and measuring out the required amount of sugar, I began!

From raspberry plant to strainer to canner to the finished product—homemade raspberry jam! Mmmmmmm….


I used the recipe that comes with the Sure-Jell pectin and I got 9 small jars. Now we just have to wait 24 hours for it to set up and they’ll be ready to eat! You can spread it on toast, muffins, waffles or warm it up a bit and pour over ice cream!

I have so many more raspberries, I’ll be making another batch in jars, and then I’ll be making raspberry freezer jam. I’ll end up giving most of them away, which is the fun part. Family members and neighbors will be getting these special treats soon!


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