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What makes the best frying pan?

How many times have you tried to fry something and your food didn’t cook properly? Did your food placed on one side of the pan or on the edges cook differently from the middle? Do you have to keep moving the pieces around to get them to cook evenly?

Food doesn’t always cook right when the heat from the stove isn’t distributed evenly across the bottom of the pan.

What a waste of time! Whether you’re cooking for a large family or just two of you, no one wants to spend more time cooking than they have to.

Another source of frustration is trying to clean some cheap pans.  Non-stick, Teflon, or who knows? Clean up with a sponge or scrub with steel wool and ruin it? Do you ever feel like just throwing it away instead?

Quality frying pans to the rescue!

The best frying pan will consist of a combination of size, material, use, and clean-up. My favorite frying pan is the All-Clad 12” skillet. We did receive this as a gift several years ago, and it is expensive (over $100!), but I had been looking for a high-end, quality pan and would have spent the money if I had to.

From the All-Clad website, I learned that this pan is made up of a combination of 5 bonded layers of aluminum & steel.  It has flared sides and a long handle.  The inside is smooth, polished stainless steel and cleans up easily. We do not have a cover for this, but we really don’t need one.

This pan is pretty hefty. If you have weak or small hands or wrist issues, you’ll want to use two hands or wear a mitt when handling the pan or to move it when filled.

Most pans will be made up of some combination of aluminum & stainless steel. Aluminum conducts heat the best, is lightweight, durable, and resists rust & corrosion. Stainless steel has many of the same qualities as aluminum, but alone may have hot spots and scorch your food.  The best pan will have a combination of aluminum & stainless steel.

I love cooking in this pan! It’s large enough for a stir fry, cooking burgers, or a Thai noodle dish and I know that the food cooks evenly.

According to the website, we can put this pan in the oven, but we never have. We do take special care of this pan because we know it’s an expensive gift. For instance, we don’t put it away in our cabinets with our other pans; we leave it out on the stove top.

We also wash this pan with extra care. Barkeeper’s Friend is the only cleanser that we use on it. That works like magic to clean it and to keep it shiny & brand new-looking–no harsh scrubber or steel wool on it either.

Call us a bit strange when it comes to our pan, but it’s like our baby, and we want to keep it looking new forever!

Another thing I learned is that your new frying pan needs to be compatible with your stove. Most pans are fine if you have a gas or electric stove, but if you have an induction, ceramic, or halogen stove, it’s best to check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

If you want to know more about this beautiful, wonderful All-Clad frying pan (can you tell I love it?), there are many places to go. The All-Clad website would be best for info and it’ll lead to you places you can buy one. Or just do your own search of quality pans, check out the construction, reviews, prices and best places to buy the best frying pan for you.


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